For a better future, I believe we must work together and view diversity as a strength, not a weakness. I have been a rancher, a homebuilder and a high school teacher. As an employer and New Mexico General Contractor for 25 years, I understand how important small businesses are for rural growth & jobs. I support a balanced national budget with priority for jobs, education, health care and renewable energy. If elected I will support the positions below, as long as legislation benefits New Mexico's Congressional District 2. Please contact me HERE with ideas & concerns.


- Fund the Indian Health Service and VA hospitals to provide excellent service, including mental health services.
- Support the Rural Veterans Coordination Program.
- Support non-profit Medicare-type health coverage for all citizens (AND Congress), paid for through increased employee & employer Medicare with-holding,
  plus graduated co-pays, & existing federal & Medicaid health budgets.
- Employer plans remain.         -         Doctors remain private.
- Incentives to maintain health.
- Supplements by private insurers.


- Assist District 2 small businesses in obtaining grants and loans by employing a Congressional District 2 staff member as liaison to:
        (1) Small Business Administration programs;
        (2) Veteran Business Grant Fund;
        (3) New Media Women Entrepreneurs;
        (4) Rural Energy for America.
- Focus on re-training and job placement help for unemployment & welfare recipients, as well as for workers displaced in industry.
- Assist small communities in obtaining revitalization grants.
- Support renewable energy for new jobs.


- Support the public school system, not vouchers.
- Support economic stimulus funds for school infrastructure.
- Support programs in high schools and junior colleges to train workers in renewable energy: solar, wind and electric car technology.
- Support drug and alcohol education and rehabilitation programs.
- Help states fund smaller classes, qualified teachers, and focused textbooks.


- Support the bipartisan U.S. House Climate Solutions Caucus
- Support cooperative rancher, wildlife-agency programs that increase both forage and wildlife habitat.
- Support funding for rural water systems, waste systems and acequia systems.
- Encourage job-creating coalitions among the Forest Service, local individuals & environment groups.
- Support a farm bill that includes small and organic farmers.
- Federal lab funding for more efficient photovoltaic cells & batteries. Encourage "distributed" electric generation.
- Protect public lands for hunting, hiking, fishing and tourism income.
- Protect Native American sites and rights.


- Support a pragmatic guest-worker program.
- Invest in economic development between the United States & Mexico, plus Border Patrol & technology, for border security--not a wall.
- Citizenship laws based, not on fear, but on recognition that our country is a country of immigrants.


- Work for "one-person, one-vote" at all levels of the election process: elimination of the Electoral College, super-delegates, and winner-take-all primaries.
- Support gender wage equity.
- Support laws that limit the influence of money in politics, so that campaigns, lobbying and lawmaking take place with ideas, not money.
- Support gun safety measures, ban assault weaponry and require a wait period and background check for every gun purchased, including those at gun shows.
- Support the right of women to determine childbirth in their lives.
- Support the goal of making abortions fewer and earlier through adoption counseling and wide availability of contraception and early testing.
- Work with all nations to reduce terrorism by resolving injustices, and support self-determination world-wide, by using General Assembly Resolution 377A at the
  United Nations to enable peace-keeping AND peace-making.