I am seeking the Congressional District 2 United States House of Representatives seat for New Mexico in order to serve the state and its people. I have made New Mexico my home for 40+ years, moving here from California in 1970. My early jobs in New Mexico were varied: laying adobes; carpentry; making cabinets; farming and cleaning the acequias with my new neighbors. I learned about New Mexico by restoring old adobe structures to give them new life, and helping build the homes of my neighbors.
During this time I also returned to college to earn a teaching credential, inspired while tutoring students from migrant farmworker families. I earned my New Mexico GB-98 residential and commercial contracting license in 1985, and began a homebuilding company in 1990. Over 20 years I experienced the benefits and work that sole proprietorship brings. I am thankful to family, friends and co-workers.

I seek office in Congressional District 2 as a Democratic candidate, but I follow my own guidelines and will always seek to serve the practical needs of all our citizens. I will support jobs & communities; schools; training in new jobs, such as renewable energy; energy conservation; more efficient appliances; small business start-ups, helped by trained Congressional District 2 staff; tax incentives for small-town property owners to revitalize their property; vehicle visibility standards. Please see my Platform for a further listing of priorities. I support issues and fairness, not partisanship. I support a balanced budget. I believe in the equal value of every person: limiting the influence of money in politics; "one-person, one-vote" at every level of elections (no Electoral College, no super-delegates). I believe in personal diplomacy, not "brinkmanship." Please send your ideas, questions and concerns HERE. Donations can be made thru PayPal below. Thank you.

I look forward to working with all our cultural groups in New Mexico.

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